The Minister of Health presents solutions to the difficulties experienced by travelers to Lebanon

Health Minister Firas Abyad announced that there are 3 cases that cause difficulties for travelers to Lebanon. He explained that in order to reduce the number of infected arrivals, a PCR is required within a period not exceeding 48 hours from departure. However, given the increasing demand for PCR assays globally, this may not be easily achievable. As for the solution, the passengers who are vaccinated, will be accepted a Rapid Ag test conducted within 24 hours of departure.

As for some credit cards issued in Lebanon, which do not work on the MOPHPASS platform. The Civil Aviation Authority had proposed a solution, EMD, that would allow payments at the airport or upon reservation. At the last minute, however, travel agencies and airlines refused to implement this solution. Therefore, a solution will be presented today that allows the use of local credit cards.

And about the problem of delaying the PCR results for arrivals, sometimes more than 48 hours. The reason is due to the process of entering information that is done manually. He pointed out that the transition to using the MOPHPASS platform allowed the process to be completely digitalized. And he said, “Very soon, the results will be sent within 24 hours on the platform, where the traveler can reach them easily.”


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