The ‘ministers’ Ximo Puig and Mónica García, Sánchez’s parents and the ‘barons’ without Page: who is and who is not in the investiture

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There are countless historic days that Congress has experienced in recent months despite not having ordinary activity: the start of a new legislature, the failure of an investiture, the swearing-in of the Princess of Asturias and this week a new investiture session , starring Pedro Sánchez and marked by his agreements with the independence movement to become president again thanks to their support.

It will be on Thursday when the candidate will foreseeably see the green light from the Lower House and revalidate a new mandate in The Moncloa. On this first day, in which Sánchez’s unlimited speech is scheduled and the interventions, at least, of the PP and Vox, there are many well-known faces who have wanted to be present in Congress, although there are also notable absences.

Perhaps the most notable is that of the president of Castilla la Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, who is the main socialist official who openly opposes the amnesty. In contrast, there are many territorial leaders of the PSOE who are accompanying Sánchez this Wednesday: Juan Lobato (Madrid), Guillermo Fernández Vara (Estremadura), Pablo Zuloaga (Cantabria), Ángel Víctor Torres (Canary Islands)Ximo Puig (Valencian Community), María Chivite (Navarra), Adrián Barbón (Asturias), Concha Andreu (The Rioja), Salvador Illa (PSC) or Pepe Vélez (Murcia).

Also Iratxe Garcíaleader of the socialists in the European Parliamentpresent days ago at the meeting that the Number Three of the party, Santos Cerdanmet with Carles Puigdemont in Brussels to close with Junts the details of the agreement ahead of Sánchez’s investiture.

Puig, by the way, has been sounding in recent days as a possible minister in the new coalition Executive that Sánchez is preparing, in the same way that Mónica García, leader of Más Madrid, who also appears as ministerable by Sumar, is present this Wednesday in The congress.

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