The Ministry of Finance went illegally to the SPÖ-informant – Austria

The investigation should have been illegal.

The ÖVP-led Ministry of Finance has sought in the autumn of 2017, according to a SPÖ-informants

That would show hitherto unpublished documents, available to the “Standard”, the ORF, and “profile”. As a notice of privacy had found authority, were this investigation is unlawful, it said.

SP-Krainer had made to control the details of the ÖVP-major donor Pierer public

The trigger was that the SPÖ MEP Jan Krainer 2017 tax details of the VP-major donor and KTM boss Stefan Pierer by means of a parliamentary enquiry made public, in the middle of the high phase of the national election campaign. It was placed in the room, that Pierer had transferred before the entry into force of the tax agreement with Liechtenstein money from the Principality of Austria. The then Finance Minister Hans Jörg Schelling (ÖVP), had directed, after the publication of the tax data, a display due to a breach of official Secrecy to the economic and corruption Prosecutor’s office (WKStA).

In Parallel, the in-house office for Internal Affairs (BIA) was carried out to find the informant Krainers. Supposedly would now show the three media present documents, that the track search is not only large, but also legally problematic have been meant to be. The reference material according to the BIA have determined designed for his skills very far and on his own authority, without any official investigations to be seen as the “profile” reported online.

The BIA should not be evaluated only in “Log Files” of numerous financial officials, but also interrogations are conducted of suspects. The act of the Ministry of Finance was finally around 8,000 pages. The leak, however, was not found.


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