The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced plans to respond to sanctions "in all circumstances"

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, commenting on the expansion of Washington's sanctions against Moscow, said the Russian government would respond to financial constraints "in a combination of circumstances," reports RIA Novosti.

"As for the potential hypothetical answers, the question is separate, we will be determined by the totality of all the circumstances, there are no direct links to anything here," he said.

According to the deputy minister, Russia ignores the hostile manifestations of this kind.

Under US sanctions through the Ukrainian sanatoriums in Crimea and the obtained LNR ministry

Ryabkov also said that the Foreign Ministry does not plan to "spend time to analyze" the new sanctions of the US Treasury, since they consider them "ineffective". He added that Moscow, for its part, confirms "the rejection of the unilateral sanctions policy of the United States in all its manifestations", and noted that Russia will continue to move "in principle" towards the normalization of relations with United States.

The US authorities have expanded the list of sanctions against Russia on the evening of November 8th. The restrictions included the Crimean resort Mriya Resort & SPA, the sanatoriums "Ai-Petri", "Dulber" and "Mishor" in the Crimea, the companies KrymTETS ("Krymteploelektrotsentral"), "Garant-SV", LLC "UKIP", LLC "South Project", as well as the Ministry of Security of the state of the Republic of Lugansk.

In addition, Washington has imposed sanctions against several people – a citizen of Ukraine Andrei Sushko (according to the CAATSA law), a citizen of Ukraine Alexander Basov (according to the CAATSA law) and a Russian, the founder of UKPI LLC Vladimir Zaritsky.

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