The Ministry of the Environment can not exclude the attack of the wolf –


After an alleged wolf attack on a human being, a DNA study did not bring clarity. Now the authorities want to equip the package of transmitters.

About a week after an alleged wolf bite in Lower Saxony, a DNA study did not clarify the incident. The seven samples of animal and saliva hairs that were found on the spot and on the sweater of the injured, would not reveal any evidence for a wolf, a spokesman for the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment said.

Animal bite confirmed by the doctor

No trace of a wolf or a dog had been found on the hammer that the church employee defended had used to defend himself. The locally caught hair is attributed to the deer, on the sweater the cat hairs and saliva have been found by dog ​​and cat. The man had initially taken care of the wound after the bite and went to the doctor only the day after. He had confirmed the injury, however, as an animal bite.

"We were hoping for clarity about whether the dog or the wolf were the cause, to be able to act more decisively," said Environment Minister Olaf Lies. He wanted a different result. He takes the statements of the person in question very seriously. If traces of wolves had been detected, a murder would have been inevitable, Lies said. Now, the wolf pack in the moorland community should be equipped with transmitters to find out if predators approach people. Wolves – probably two parents and seven puppies – must be trapped with traps.

Förster: Rudel so far not flashy

The forester had said in an interview with, the herd so far had behaved absolutely inconsistent and did not seek the proximity of people or settlements – but does not even have problems with stray dogs. The ministry also wants to investigate whether a free dog can be responsible for the attack.

The alleged attack of the wolf in Bülstedt in the district of Rotenburg had caused a sensation, since it would have been the first attack of a wolf on a human being in Germany since the return of the animals. Immediately start the political discussion on the possible shot of the animal or even on the whole herd. According to an exclusive survey commissioned by, one in four German in the country is currently frightened by wolf attacks.

In the incident last Tuesday, a wolf is said to have taken the hand of a 55-year-old community worker working at the enclosure of a green area. According to the man, three other wolves of a herd would have observed the trial. After the accident at the Bülstedter district cemetery, Steinfeld, a small village about 35 kilometers north-west of Bremen, two employees of the Wolf's Office were immediately sent for reconnaissance on the spot.



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