The minor from Jerez before stabbing: "I’m going to kill you… leave the class"

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«I’m going to kill you. “I’m going to kill you,” she warned from the back of the classroom in the first class of the morning. The biology teacher was already inside. Then the boy from 14 years He took two knives from his backpack and went after the students who, according to the first investigations, had been insulting and mocking him for months.

The attacker, diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, used the knife with urgency and little precision. Then, a new phrase thundered in the room: “Everyone leave class.” And his companions ran in terror. The wounded, who have already been discharged – one with superficial cuts on his arm and back and the other with a minor bruise on the head that he received during the escape – had done so seconds before.

The event that paralyzed Jerez (Cádiz) was signed by a teenager from Elena García Armada Institute that unbuttoned his lifestyle in the most dramatic way possible: stabbing two minors and three teachers. When two teachers managed to restrain him, he gave up: “I exploded. “I couldn’t take it anymore.” THE WORLD has had access to the sequence of events contained in the investigation opened by the National Police. The attacker had gone to the institute with two knives. The day before he gave coordinates that none of the colleagues for whom he felt sympathy knew how to interpret. “Tomorrow you better not come to class,” he told them. Despite living locked in an austere silence, no one knew how to delve deeper into that phrase.

Within class, he began to execute his plan, according to the investigation. “I’m going to kill you,” she shouted on several occasions, as investigation sources reveal to this newspaper. He went straight to those he identified as his harassers. He took out his “rage” against those who “treated him badly.” He launched several stab wounds, hitting various parts of their bodies. They were superficial wounds that, fortunately, did not endanger their lives.

The two boys managed to escape and left the classroom. The teacher who intervened received a knife in the eye, which has not affected her vision either. And a final order: “Everyone leave class.” The teenager was left alone and was very nervous. It was two teachers who had to restrain him. His state of alteration was maximum. Along the way, he had injured two other teachers.

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