The minor who stabbed two classmates "I didn’t want September to come because I was afraid of going back to school."

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The teenager of 14 years that on Thursday he stabbed three teachers and two students who were harassing him at a high school Jerez de la Frontera, I was afraid that the start of the school year would arrive. The minor spent the summer “distraught”, according to the investigations to which he has had access THE WORLD, nervous and overwhelmed that September was coming. “I don’t want September to come,” he said after perpetrating the attacks.

The boy, diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, did not want to repeat the experience of the previous year when, according to the testimonies collected in the investigation, he became the target of ridicule and contempt from a group of classmates. According to sources in the case, the past year had been hard. The harassment by several colleagues “was constant” and consisted, they reveal, of insults and also beatings. However, he had not reported it. The students at the center knew about the situation but the teenager had not verbalized it.

The constant attacks he had received, they reveal, made the month of August, above all, difficult for him. At least that’s what he said after his arrest for the attacks he committed. None of the injured is serious. The minor is waiting for the judge to decide on his future.

The events were recorded early last Thursday in the Elena García Armada Institute. «I’m going to kill you. “I’m going to kill you,” the teenager warned from the back of the classroom in the first class of the morning. He had taken out of his backpack the two knives that he took from home in the morning. He went straight for the two companions who, according to his version, made his life impossible.

He made several cuts on one’s back and arms. The other, he suffered a minor concussion to the head when he ran out of the classroom. Seconds later he asked the rest of the students to leave the class. “Everyone come out,” he ordered them. He hurt the biology teacher in the eye. Fortunately, she hit his eyelid and her vision will not be affected. He also attacked two other teachers. They are all discharged.

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