The misfortune of the heroine Olga Carmona: her father died before the final and she found out later

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A Olga Carmonaheroine of the Spanish women’s team in the Australia and New Zealand World Cup, life showed him in hours the sweet face of success and the bitter face of pain. The Sevillian met after the final against England, in which she scored the only goal for history, that his father had died before the meeting. The terrible news was told by her mother, who had come to the last days of the tournament to accompany her along with her brother, her twin, Tomás. They had been in the group phase, then they returned to Spain and decided to fly back to Oceania to be with the soccer player in the match of her life. Both the Federation and his club, Real Madrid, have issued separate statements to express their condolences as soon as they found out what had happened.

In it minute 29 of the meeting, Olga, side of 23 years of the Real Madrid, he invented a devilish left-handed blow. A mad race. A goal, the only one, that made Spain world champion. In the celebration, the Sevillian raised her shirt and showed another with a name: ‘Merci‘. It was the name of a friend’s mother, also deceased during the last week. Olga, in a precious detail with a loved one, did not know anything about her father. Later she knew that the strength for the race and the shot that she beat the English goalkeeper came from him.

“And without knowing it, I had my Star before the game started. I know you have given me the strength to achieve something unique. I know you have been watching me tonight and that you are proud of me. Rest in peace, dad, “wrote the player in their social networks.

When scoring the goal, he did not remember to comply with his ritual of kissing the tattoo on the wrist that he shares with his mother. He didn’t care. She ate it with kisses just the same, thinking about how good the girl’s determination to leave flamenco and swimming to follow in the footsteps behind the ball of her brothers has brought her. Fran y Tomás. She will have time to remind her that the ‘bump’ will cost her to keep the promise she made to buy him a car.

Olga grew up in the quarry of the Sevilla FC, He made his debut in the Primera Iberdrola and, before making the leap to Real Madrid in 2020, he entered the national team through the front door. She is a woman of great goals and in the European Under-19 of 2018, scored for the squad a goal that slipped into the top 11 of the season. Spain would end up proclaiming itself champion. In the edition a year later, despite losing in the semifinals with France, they qualified for the U-20 World Cup that was to be held in Costa Rica and that FIFA suspended due to the pandemic. “I was left with the thorn of having been able to play that World Cup”Olga has always recognized, whose first memory of a World Cup is that of France 2019 with that overwhelming United States team led by Rapinoe. Today he collected that debt and did it as a great protagonist. Of joy and great sorrow.

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