The Mississippi signs the anti-abortion law that could prompt the challenge of Roe v Wade – live | United States news


When he left the company, Jared took several steps to avoid conflicts of interest. On the recommendation of his legal adviser, in consultation with the Office of Government Ethics, he sold from over 80 partnerships, including 666 Fifth Avenue, to substantial financial sacrifice. We blocked Jared from receiving information about the company and resigned as control partner in more than 100 entities. All this was done with an abundance of caution.

Jared's service to the country brought unprecedented control of the Kushner Companies from the media and government investigators. We are happy to assist with all requests, but I must note that we are already voluntarily adhering to the strictest standards to avoid even the appearance of conflicts. As a result, we have overcome many commercial opportunities that we would normally have pursued. It might not be as fascinating as some of the crazy things I've read about my family and our business. But it seems to be the truth.



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