The Miura 1 could not be recovered in the Atlantic Ocean

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He Miura 1the rocket designed and built by the Elche company PLD Space which last Saturday became the first of its kind, 100% Spanish, to travel to space from its launch base in Huelvahas not been recovered in the Atlantic Ocean.

As reported by the company itself through its profile on the social network This mission was a “secondary objective”, as Raúl Torres (35 years old), co-founder of PLD Space, already told EL MUNDO.

From PLD Space they have shown their pride in “having successfully fulfilled” all the primary and secondary objectives of this “flight mission in a unforgettable launch“, although “this historic mission could not be completed with the recovery of Miura 1 in the ocean.”

The company, with this first flight, has managed to validate all the Miura 1 technologies in flight while maximizing safety and has collected “an enormous amount of data that will allow us to improve and advance the technologies of Miura 5“, the reusable suborbital rocket that is intended to be launched in 2025 from the French Guiana.

Likewise, they have indicated that the secondary objectives of the mission were all covered, including aerodynamic validation and control of the launcher on reentry, as well as parachute ejection and final braking.

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