The miuras offer two confinements in one: presence, speed and danger in the last stretch

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The turn of the the wall to close the Sanfermines of 2023. An appointment that has given everything it promised to some, yes. And that he has disappointed others. In any case, it has provided two lockdowns in one, two opportunities for the runners in the really fastest race in San Fermín.

The staging of the Miura It has been, one more year, overwhelming. Not only because of the more than 600 kilos of most of the specimens, but also because of their volume, their height and their stride. What a way to advance meters with that apparently calm gallop. All trompe l’oeil: the first bull that has entered the corrals has made a time of less than two minutes.

Already from the slope of santo domingo a halter has taken the head of the group and has not let go until the end. Next to him, a couple of morlacos from Zahariche’s farm, fast but without throwing routs, not a single glance at the runners, despite the fact that some of them practically pounced on them as they passed. Some stomps also on fallen waiters. A good handful of young men have been able to hang the medal that means running a few meters in front of the miuras. Good for them.

The group advanced very launched by Mercaderes without giving complications, and the passage through the courier curve It has been especially easy, without clashes against the fence. Right at the exit, a small pile tripped one of the bulls that were in the middle of the group and ended up breaking up the herd. Since then, two confinements in one: tmorlacos head ahead with a halter and another three behind.

The extreme nobility has characterized the confinement by the Post office. Long, sustained runs, with no more shocks than human pushes, because there was no offensive from the horned ones. Despite this, some shirt skewered by the piton by the simple inertia of the race. Spectacular image of some runners with the back of the miuras at the height of their shoulders.

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