Now the analyzes can be handed over in the territory of Jelgava Hospital – on the first floor of the farm building.

Edvīns Kazušs, a member of the Board of SIA “Centrālā laboratorija”, informed that there are no other significant changes in the procedure for transferring analyzes in connection with the change of location. “The only thing I want to emphasize is that the point is not located in the Jelgava hospital building, so I urge anyone who comes to hand over the tests to strictly follow the instructions and never go to the hospital’s central building. house construction, “explained Kazušs.

As before, it is mandatory to apply for analyzes in advance by calling 8303. Jelgava analysis reception point is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. At the new reception point, analyzes will be performed indoors, not outdoors, as was the case at the Rota Culture House. Visitors are kindly requested to wait for an invitation at the door upon arrival.

On average, 40-50 examinations are performed in Jelgava per day, and, according to Kazušs, most of them are performed by persons who have to undergo the test before the planned admission to the hospital, planned operations, admission to social care institutions and other similar cases.

“Currently, most medical institutions require the result of a Covid-19 test performed no earlier than 48 hours before the patient’s scheduled admission to the hospital. Therefore, we urge residents to apply for tests in time to receive the necessary confirmation,” Kazušs emphasized.

At present, there is no deadline by which all Latvian nationals will be provided with state-paid Covid-19 analyzes. “Given the rapidly growing morbidity in neighboring countries, I do not think that in the near future the country could change the conditions for performing paid analyzes,” said a representative of the “Central Laboratory”.

She also predicted that with the approach of the autumn season, when the incidence of acute respiratory diseases is traditionally increasing, the population’s desire to check their health could increase.

Since March 31, when the Covid-19 analysis mobile acceptance point started operating in Jelgava, almost 5,000 people have performed analyzes there.


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