The mobilization of a village for Divine N’Sunda, threatened with eviction

A school’s fight to prevent the expulsion of a host of Congolese origin arouses unprecedented emotion in Gentinnes, which is now spreading across the country.

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Journalist at the Culture Department

By Nicolas Crousse

Published on 03/3/2023 at 16:24Reading time: 4 mins

Çit happens as in the opening of the Trial, by Kafka. Except that we are not in a novel from the twenties (those of the past century), but in the reality of 2023. In the skin of Joseph K, a host from the Little School of Gentinnes, Divine N’Sunda. Today is Monday, January 30. Divine comes home from school and moves into her home, at the Kongolo Memorial, where she has lived for five years.

That’s where it happens. Someone’s knocking at the door. Everything is going very fast. Divine learns that she has half an hour to collect her things and follow the police. Stunning. State of shock.

First sent behind the bars of a police station cell, in the Grez-Doiceau area, where she spent a cold and painful night, she was sent the next day to the Holsbeek closed center, without understanding what was happening to her. . She has been living there now, for a month, without the possibility of leaving.

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