The moderate Noboa adds support in Ecuador against Correa’s candidate

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The surprise candidate Ecuador, Daniel Noboathe second has started at full speed round that can take you to the presidency of your country. Both the defeated Jan Topic, standard-bearer of the Social Christian Party (PSC), and former vice president Otto Sonnenholzner, the latter indirectly, have shown their support for the leader of the Acción Democrática Nacional (ADN) alliance, who obtained 23.48% of the support in the elections last Sunday, ten points below the correísta candidate, Luisa Gonzalez.

“Between trying to fight, and I hope that Noboa tries to fight and defeat the mafias, and compromise (in reference to correísmo), a thousand times I go for option one. Personally, I am going to vote for Daniel Noboa de cajón, I say it since day one. What’s more, I uploaded the government plan, because I want to help whoever comes,” announced Topic, who in Ecuador is compared to the Salvadoran president, Nayib Bukelefor his proposal for a strong hand against drug trafficking.

Topic finished fourth in the first electoral round, with almost 15% of the support. Sonnenholzner, who represents a center-right option, added 7% of the vote. More doubts arouse the decision to be taken by the leader of the PSC, Jaime Nebot, who for the last two years participated with Revolución Ciudadana in the parliamentary blockade against the president Guillermo Lasso.

“I’ll sit down to talk to Topic about security issues, he has extensive knowledge of that. That’s why many people voted for him,” replied the moderate Noboa after hearing the statements from his electoral rivals.

These first electoral movements confirm the loneliness of González, who instead will have the most powerful party apparatus in the country and the international speaker of former President Rafael Correa, who runs the campaign from his refuge in Belgium.

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