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The Mexico national team those history in it World Baseball Classic 2023despite not staying with the championship, because after reaching semifinals and fall before JapanThey engraved his name in gold letters.

get to the anteroom of the duel for him trophy Not only prided to all the countrybut economically also implied good Profits for the mexican ninthwell although it’s not a exorbitant figureyes they take home a not inconsiderable amount.

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How much did Mexico get for playing the World Classic?

According to international media, the mexican ninth would have been done creditor of 1.5 million dollarsamount that was accumulating with the passage of parties and to make all the Tri fans dream.

If the data is correct, just for participating the Mexico national team there would be obtained a figure of 300 thousand dollars and, despite losing on his debut, his subsequent wins brought him a substantial bonus.

Las victories ante United States, Great Britain and Canadathey were given others 700 thousand dollarssame of which 300 mil they would be to remain as group leadersand the others 400 mil for him than a Quarter finals.

Finally to defeat a Puerto Rico and access semifinalsthey would have given them others 500 thousand dollarsgiving the total of 1.5 million “of the greens” for the team, which if we take it to Mexican currency, equals a little more than 27.8 million pesos.

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Similarly, it should be noted that the 1.5 million dollarsse they would distribute: the half among all members of the mexican team and the rest for the Mexican Baseball Federation.

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