The moment of the destruction of the new Su-57 fighter hit the video


The television channel Zvezda has published a video of the test of a fifth generation fighter jet, the Su-57, on which, with a load of 104%, collapses. The staff was shown in the "Military Acceptance" program, which was dedicated to this new aircraft.

The tests were performed in order to understand the ultimate strength of the Su-57. On the frames obtained by the surveillance cameras in the room where the tests are carried out, the wing is visible, on which several sensors are fixed. A load is applied to the wing and the wing is bent. During the test, the load was applied with 104% more than the allowed value. So the designer said that the destruction occurred. After a loud bang, the wing broke, collapsed and sank, the moderator commented.

The head of Sukhoi OKB unit, Alexander Skoda, said that the wing had collapsed under the 104% load of the allowed one. According to him, this is a good result, because if the wing would resist more than this value, it means that the design is overweight.

Su-57 is the fifth-generation Russian multipurpose fighter. It is developed by the PO Sukhoi Design Bureau. This aircraft should replace the heavy Su-27 fighter. The Su-57 made its first flight on January 29, 2010. The new fighter can destroy both the air and the terrain and surface systems of the enemy.

The aircraft has not yet been commissioned by the Russian army.

At the end of February it was reported that the Su-57 arrived at the Russian air base Hmeymim in Syria, told RBC a source of the Ministry of Defense. According to him, the army had to face the task of testing the fighter in "real conditions". He also noted that this was the Russian side's response to the flight of American stealth fighters.


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