The Moment Prabowo Respects Jokowi at the Retirement Event, Luhut Becomes a Witness

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto salute when welcoming the President Joko Widodo at the Army Retirees Gathering.

Prabowo shared the moment through his Instagram account. He and the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan seemed to welcome Jokowi. All three wear masks.

In the photo, Prabowo appears to be standing straight, folding his arms, opening his palms with fingers, apart from thumbs, pressed together as a sign of respect for Jokowi.



The president looked straight up with the area around his eyes wrinkled, presumably as a sign of a smile behind a mask.

Attending the National Gathering of the Indonesian Army Retired Association (PPAD),” Prabowo said in the upload, Saturday (6/8).

During the event, Prabowo also praised Jokowi sky-high. He called Jokowi hard work for the Indonesian people.

“I was a witness, I saw that he was one of the hardest working Indonesian leaders. I don’t know where his energy is, he’s so skinny, but maybe because he’s thin, he’s energetic, he never stops,” said Prabowo at the event held in Sentul, Bogor, Friday (5/8).

Prabowo said he never regretted joining the government. He believes that Jokowi’s leadership has succeeded in bringing Indonesia out of various crises.

The general chairman of the Gerindra Party acknowledged that there were a number of shortcomings in the government’s performance. However, he believes Jokowi and his cabinet have tried their best.

We are on the right trackwe are going to what we have to achieve,” said Prabowo.

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