The monarchy is a factor of “remarkable stability” for Canada (Trudeau)

AA / Montreal / Hatem Kattou

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hailed, Sunday, from London, the “remarkable stability” of the Canadian political system, believing that this is not the time to discuss the place of the monarchy.

Trudeau made this statement to “Radio Canada” after an interview Sunday afternoon with the new British Prime Minister Lizz Truss, in London where he had arrived since Friday to, in particular, attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II .

The federal Prime Minister added in an interview with the Canadian public broadcaster that he did not plan to debate the place of the (British) monarchy, even noting that it is an asset in today’s world. marked by “great transformations”.

“We are in such a complex and complicated moment, that to make such a profound change in a system which is among the best, the most stable in the world, for me, now, it is not a good idea”, has , in particular, says Trudeau.

Trudeau also listed his priorities at the moment, with regard to “energy transition, an international world profoundly changed by the invasion of Ukraine, the rising cost of living”.

Trudeau was thus responding indirectly to certain voices that were raised in the country of maple to demand, on the sidelines of the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth or even before, to sever the ties that Canada has had since its creation in 1867 with the British monarchy.

The Bloc Québécois (a right-wing formation that sits in the federal parliament with 32 MPs) has said it wants to sever ties with the British monarchy.

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For its part, the New Democratic Party (NDP, 25 MPs, center left) says it is “open” to discussing the issue.

The Prime Minister, while conceding that “not everyone thinks it is the best possible system”, underlined that he “does not believe that it is relevant to relaunch the debate, since it is such a system that works, in an era where we see our democratic institutions and our democracies around the world crumble a little bit”.

“For me, it’s not a priority. It’s not even something I intend to debate. We have lived through constitutional debates. Changing our system of government, at any time, is difficult,” he concluded.

The constitutional monarchy is the current political system in Canada.

The Canadian monarchy is in dynastic union with the order of succession to the British throne. According to the Constitution of the country, the monarch of Canada is the head of state.

Legally, the Canadian monarch participates in the federal parliament and the provincial parliaments. It is vested with executive power (provincial and federal) and command-in-chief of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The Canadian monarch has powers of his own and others that are exercised through his representatives: the governor general and the provincial lieutenant-governors.

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