The monster of Alejandro Fernández that terrifies the Mexican roads

Imagine you need two Alejandro Fernández to be able to surpass in height the monster that he uses through the Mexican streets. Mafia overtones and glamour, a combination that occurs in the artist’s incredible truck. Swipe to see the video of “El Potrillo” with the vehicle that every fan wants.

March 10, 2023 11:43 a.m.

Alexander Fernandez He knew how to captivate millions of fans in Mexico and throughout the world, thanks to his peculiar and attractive music. The artist was repeatedly shown next to his vehicles, although once he was seen next to a very distinctive truck. That vehicle drew attention, since it could easily be the one chosen by any gangster to move during a gangster movie.

Its about Mercedes Benz G 500 4X4, a wild SUV that came as a bet in 2015 to fight against SUVs, a segment that was vastly surpassing off-road. Its boxy appearance and the essence of the G class combine to give a very peculiar image, which some resemble to the vehicles used in mob moviesespecially if there is a version in black, as available Alexander Fernandez.

Its three tons of weight are not an impediment to enjoy agile and comfortable handling, compared to the G 63 AMG version. Under its hood rests a 4.0 biturbo V8 engine with a power of 422 hp, accompanied by an automatic transmission.

Alejandro Fernández next to his mafia van

The truck has two versions, where one of its main differences can be seen in the tires, having the opportunity to choose between 22 or 18 inches. While with the first option you can reach 210 km/h, the second allows you to reach 160 km/hAlthough of course, the main attraction is its off-road condition.

“El Potrillo” had to spend $256,000 to acquire it. It may not be your favorite vehicle, but it’s impossible to go unnoticed. A van tailored for a gangsta, but in the hands of a true music star.

+ The interior of the Mercedes Benz G 500 4×4

This is what the SUV looks like inside

Despite its cost, Alejandro Fernández costs with two higher-value cars

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