The moon of Lebanon, Mustapha Haggaj and Natasha shine the new year on the Nile

Lebanese star Qamar celebrated a grand New Year's concert in one of the famous Nile hotels with the participation of pop singer Mustafa Hajjaj, her niece Natasha and dancer Oksana.

Moon has made a large number of his songs, including "I Am Case", "Lala", "With Myself", "The Mantis Doortep" and "Khalkhali Ringtone", and enlightened dancing connections inside.

He also sang the songs of his new song "Step", in addition to the songs of "Ya Peta mint", "Maphlenhash" and others who interacted with everyone for an hour and a half.

The Lebanese Natasha presented a series of distinctive pieces of Tarat, including "Shelves of Memories", "Atashan", "Paradise of the World" and others requested by her fans.

He participated in the rebirth of the dance ball Oksana Wal dj International Yasser Al-Hariri, organizer of New Year's Eve and singer Ahmed Chiba, who lit more dances until the early hours of the following morning .


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