The Morning Newspaper | November 22: Music Day

Collaboration: Teresa de los Angeles Turrión “Teresita”

Music enters through our ears. It touches our soul.

Sounds come, brush against us, and leave soon. But they come back with more momentum. They settle in a place that surrounds us and the soul rejoices in the face of such beauty.

Music, understood as a play of sounds, dates back to ancient times. It is believed that it already existed in the Stone Age, in its last period.

Man, from time immemorial, has used music to express his different states of mind. With music he composes war hymns and peace songs. With music praises God.

The citizens of Athens studied music by relating it to poetry. The children were trained in the development of hearing and voice; in addition, they practiced some instrument.

In all public, religious and social events, music was present. That is why his knowledge was necessary.

Music fulfilled a double role: cultural and social.

For the Greeks, music was much more than an art or a trade. The child was led through music. Much more important than forming an artist was forming a person.

The musician Nägeli said: “The century of music would form its first root in the world of children. The ennoblement of humanity must emanate from the world of children ”.


“Music begins the moment man

he discovers himself as an instrument of music. ”

Adolfo Salazar

And there is music in the hands

and there is music in the voice …

Mysterious is the rhythm

of our heart!

March of the stars

it’s music of God …

Music, the first cry,

and goodbye music.

Harmonic universe

of music and love.

Man is an instrument

of the greater sound …!


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