The morning Ticker: After Protest – B1-construction site in Magdeburg is moved

On the morning of Saxony wants to report-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff, the state legislature, as his government wants to lead the country out of the crisis. To do this, he will make a government statement. CDU parliamentary leader Siegfried Borgwardt of an announced interim conclusion on the previous actions of the government. The Left wants meanwhile, bring several of your own Corona applications. This is a children and youth summit, and clearer rules for the visitation rights in nursing homes.

With currently well over 1,700 well-known Corona-cases of Saxony is affected-lasting yet relatively weak by the pandemic. Only in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the novel Coronavirus to spread even slower.

Saxony-Anhalt’s Minister of justice, Anne-Marie Keding (CDU) must answer today in the legal Affairs Committee of the Landtag. In the special session, which starts in just over two hours, it goes to the escape of the assassin of the hall. The Left in the Parliament had asked the Minister on Tuesday, from your office to withdraw.

Left-right expert Eva von Angern said the MDR, the image of Saxony-Anhalt, especially in dealing with assassins donor, was a disaster. Criticism also came from the Greens and the AfD. The CDU in the state Parliament by way of contrast, the misconduct, especially in the management of the prison hall and refused to accept a resignation of the Minister. SPD-group leader Katja Pähle MDR SACHSEN informed-ANHALT, the Minister must explain how it got to be “such a chain of errors” could come.

Keding had admitted on Tuesday that in the prison, several rules of the institution in Halle is not complied with had been. The prison officers had relaxed security requirements on their own.


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