The most basic feature of Xiaomi Mi Band 4, which will precipitate everyone


Now there is a slight pause in the sports bracelets market, because all the key innovations were announced last summer. Currently, electronics manufacturers are reaping the fruits of their work and, of course, are creating new models to launch them for sale already this year. One of the new products will be the device called Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the most important feature of which, no doubt, will shock everyone, and this is guaranteed to bring to its immense popularity both in China and elsewhere.

It's no secret that Xiaomi Mi Band 3, a fitness bracelet of the 2018 champion, is very good for his money, but has flaws. Creating a perfect manufacturer of sports bracelets can be very simple – you just have to eliminate all the faults of the current generation, thus fulfilling the dreams and desires of all the fans. Because of this, the new generation model will receive a color display, a protective glass, a perforated strap and some other features.

The same "chip" main Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be a GPS module. With it, the bracelet will be able to determine its position in space, and this is an extremely useful and necessary function for people who want to monitor their physical activity. To the detriment of this form, it is no longer necessary to take a smartphone to run with it, because it will be enough to put a tracker in hand, which will connect to the satellites and record all the movements outside the premises.

The use of GPS will allow you to more accurately calculate the number of steps taken and the distance traveled. Moreover, thanks to this module Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be able to show the average speed of movement during the day, or during training. As you know, the more a person moves faster, the more they consume energy, which means that the calories are burned. Currently, there are only a few sports bracelets on the market with a similar form, and they only cost about $ 150, while the novelty will cost customers no more than $ 40.

Earlier it was reported that buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in Russia will prove sooner than expected.

Up to and including January 27, everyone has the unique opportunity to receive Xiaomi Mi AirDots wireless headphones for free, spending only 2 minutes of their personal time.

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