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The German police officer Adriana Kolstad, 34, has been hysterical in social networks. She was very popular for her beauty, athletic strength and nutritional advice, with over half a million followers on the Instagram site. She became an influential figure, famous for social networking sites.

Screenshot Instagram Adrienne Koleszár (instagram.com/adrienne_koleszar)

The blonde policewoman, dubbed "the most beautiful police officer in Germany" two years ago, is interested in her fitness at the gym, sharing her photos constantly with her followers, both in sportswear and swimwear, etc. In addition to videos on your YouTube account. According to the website of the newspaper "Test".

Adrian was granted a six-month unpaid leave as a police officer in the city of Dresden in the East German state of Saxony, where she became enthusiastic as a sports model on Ingrid's website, and took part in many of her photos on her trip around in the world or to promote healthy food. He confirmed in his publications that he spends his savings and what he has earned from his activities on social networking sites since he took the vacation and started shooting.

Now that his unpaid vacation is nearing completion, he has to return to work as condemned since January 2019. But at the moment he is facing a difficult situation after his last meeting with his bosses at work, where he chose Adrian to pursue his career as a full-time cop or to resign. You are not allowed to get more permits because the local police in Dresden desperately need more police. Adriana must make a final decision and choose between continuing her career as a policewoman and her activity as a moderator on social networking sites until next Monday (10 December).

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