the most beautiful sea in Sardinia, Maremma and Puglia

The Blue Guide of Legambiente and the Italian Touring Club

, for over twenty years, has offered an annual overview of the most beautiful and sustainable seaside resorts of the Peninsula, capable of offering a Cinque Vele holiday. The 45 locations were selected from as many as 98 tourist districts, based on the data collected by Legambiente on environmental characteristics and the quality of hospitality, integrated with the evaluations expressed by local clubs.

Sardinia is again this year in first place, with six tourist areas in Cinque Vele. Followed by Tuscany and Puglia (3 districts in each region), then Sicily and Campania (2 districts each) and Basilicata and Liguria (1 Cinque Vele district in each region). Trentino-Alto Adige receives the highest number of awards for lake tourism with three out of six lakes in Cinque Vele, followed by Lombardy, Piedmont and Tuscany; but the only lake in Veneto, that of Mis, conquers the first place in the ranking.

Six districts were awarded in Sardinia this year: from the lands of the Baronia di Posada to the coastal Gallura, from the district of Baunei to the coast of Chia, from the Gulf of Oristano with the Sinis Peninsula and the island of Maldiventre to the coast. of Planargia on the west coast. In Tuscany the Cinque Vele fly this year on the municipalities of the Maremma, Costa d’Argento and Isola del Giglio districts and on the Island of Capraia. In Puglia at the top of the ranking are the Tremiti islands, the area of ​​the Ionian High Salento and that of the Adriatic High Salento. Cinque Vele also in Sicily with the islands of Pantelleria and Salina, in Campania with the districts of ancient Cilento and the Costa del Mito, in Liguria with the municipalities of the Cinque Terre.

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A Five Sails flag also for Basilicata with the Costa di Maratea. A Cinque Vele holiday also for lovers of lake tourism: the lakes of Molveno, Fie ‘and Monticolo in Trentino-Alto Adige, the Accesa lake in Tuscany, the Avigliana Grande lake in Piedmont have been awarded; in Veneto Lake Mis (in first place) and in Lombardy the district of municipalities on the western shore of Lake Garda.

The new edition of our guide

– commented Stefano Ciafani, national president of Legambiente – tells of the synergy that has been established between good local administrations and that healthy part of the seaside business world, capable of managing the beaches better, with less concrete and excellent environmental performance. The Cinque Vele resorts that we award represent the best administrative practices and demonstrate that a new way of doing tourism is possible, focusing on the environment and inclusiveness. A new holiday compared to that of twenty years ago, more aware, made up of outdoor experiences, cycling or trekking, visits to historic villages and refined moments of well-being “.

“To map the nearly one hundred bathing areas examined in the guide, 45 of which are then described in detail, and to classify them based on the attribution of the Sails, in addition to the fundamental

assessment of the state of water, seabed and beaches

– explains Franco Iseppi, president of the Italian Touring Club, – various other indicators of environmental quality and tourist hospitality contribute to the judgment, from the integrity of the landscape to the efficiency in waste management, from the weight of energy consumption to the accessibility standards of the places , from the level of accommodation and mobility services to the care of the historical and artistic heritage of the territory, to the attention with which they promote production, artisanal and food typicality. The result is not a ranking, but a geographical mapping that photographs the excellence of the Italian seas and lakes and an incentive to reflect on the extraordinary richness of the Italian naturalistic and environmental heritage, on the pleasure of knowing it and on the need to preserve it “.

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In the guide there is no shortage of areas with a consolidated bathing tradition, even if the goal is to enhance the less known and therefore more pristine ones: with its approximately 7,500 kilometers of coastline, our country still offers deserted beaches, towns and villages far from the crowds of Ferragostane. , festivals and traditions still alive, cuisine and genuine hospitality experiences at reasonable prices. Specific attention is given to the reporting of ecological and sustainable activities, such as cycling, canoeing, diving, trekking through woods and paths, also to discover the orange flags of the TCI, places in the hinterland that deserve to be visited.

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