The most embarrassing cases of ‘whitewashing’ in recent film history

This technique occurs, above all, with white actors who play characters of other races

The ‘whitewashing‘is a repudiating technique that consists of have white actors play characters who are traditionally of other races. This is mostly done in Hollywood, a film industry in which a sector of producers want to sell their projects commercially, and they do so through this despicable ‘whitening’ that gradually disappears. Still, we have several high-profile cases of feature films that used the ‘whitewashing‘while trying to hide it by abruptly ending the controversy.

Surely there are a thousand more films in which there are characters of multiple races being played by white actors, although here we leave you some of the most embarrassing productions in this regard.

Cleopatra (¿2021?)

Gal Gadot she is one of the fashionable actresses; This woman of Israeli origin has starred Wonder Woman and its sequel obtaining enormous success, but since it was known that it would give life to Cleopatra in a new film, the criticism rained quickly: They accused him of whitewashing the historically Egyptian character, although she defended herself at the time remembering that the monarch was really Macedonian.

Gods of Egypt (2016)

Coincidences of life, another film set in Egypt appears in this list: Álex Proyas thought it appropriate for an eminently American white cast to give life to a cast of characters full of Egyptians. Perhaps many went through something said great change, although many others did not hesitate to criticize from the first moment the trailer of one of the most shameful action productions of recent years. A show that lives off the most disastrous excess.

Dragon Ball Evolution (2009)

Everything is wrong in this flesh and blood adaptation of the mythical anime, starting with the choosing an American actor (Justin Chatwin) with the sole intention of attracting those viewers who do not feel comfortable watching a movie with Asian interpreters. Luckily, the critics beat her up for this and many other reasons, and she also went very unnoticed in theaters despite being one of the great bets of 20th Century Fox at that time.

The Passion of the Christ (2004)

Mel Gibson directed and put in the skin of Jesus Christ Jim Caviezel; Obviously the origin of the biblical character was very different from that of the American actor, and although this film received very good reviews, according to the ‘whitewashing‘has begun to be denounced, The passion of Christ appears in any debate that boasts of being one of the most unnoticed cases that has passed.

Death Note (2017)

The American adaptation of this Japanese manga raised a huge dust cloud after USA Today announce that The casting prioritized white actors over Asian American actors. A clear case of ‘whitewashing‘ what caused Netflix to completely forget about preparing a sequel even though it became one of his most watched movies.

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