The most expensive transfers from Mexicans to Europe


The recent signature of Diego Lainez with Betis for 14 million euros has made it the second most expensive signature of a Mexican in Europe.

Next, we present a report of the numbers that European teams have paid for Mexican footballers. Chucky Lozano is still the most expensive.

Hirving Lozano at the PSV: 24 million euros

The most expensive transfer of a Mexican in Europe is from Hirving "the Chucky" Lozano. It emerged from the quarry of Pachuca has arrived in the season 2017 at the PSV and even if the amount is not known exactly, the entries and data of different sports portals, say that the signature was made with around 24 million euros.

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"The Chucky " he really liked the Dutch club, because in his first year in Europe he broke with the team "The farmers" and now they want to bring it to teams like Chelsea, Naples and Milan, among others.

Diego Lainez at Betis: 14 million euros

There is no doubt that Diego Lainez is the maximum pearl of Mexican football. The canteran of America has shown its capacity and is ready to travel in the old continent and show that it is done. Betis has negotiated his signature and bet strongly for him.

Raúl Jiménez at the Atlético de Madrid: € 10.5 million

The current player of wolves of the Premier League, He came to Europe in 2014 with 10.5 million euros, nothing more and nothing less than the Atlético de Madrid. The Mexican striker could not contribute to the Spanish team because he scored only one goal and it was only one season in the club.

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The reality is different now, because even if your letter belongs to Benfica, the player is breaking him with the club Lobos, then is a reference in the English team.

Erick Gutiérrez at the PSV: 10 million euros

The "Guti" this season has arrived to the "farmers" club with the sum of 10 million euros. It emerged from the quarry of Pachuca, He did a good job on the Dutch team, despite being late for the preseason. Gradually the Mexican has minutes in the PSV and its level should increase further in the coming years.

Héctor Herrera at the Port: 8 million euros

The midfielder emerged from the quarry of Pachuca, He came to Portugal in 2013 with a quantity of 8 million euros.

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"HH " As the player is known, he has had a good trial with the team porthowever, he has not renewed the contract with the dragons, so his fate is unknown they want it in England, Spain and Italy.

Javier Hernández in Man U: 7.5 million euros

The "Chicharito" Hernández arrived at Manchester United with bombs and cymbals, after the directive of the Chivas, he will announce as one of the club's referents Old continent with a cost of 7.5 million euros.

The attacker has arrived 2010 under the orders of Ferguson, who praised him for the good work he did in the season. In that season Man U won the Premier League.

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There were other no less important purchases such as, Diego Reyes who went to Porto with an amount of 7.2 million and which is currently in Fenerbahce from Turkey. There is also the case of "Principato ", Andrés Guardado, arrived in 2007 at the club Deportivo la Coruña, from the atlas with a payment of 7 million euros.


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