The most important arena of the world championship, the Mall of Asia, has become the home of the Lithuanian national team: fans will not have to travel anywhere

This will be the main arena of the championship, where the playoffs will also take place, so the Lithuanian national team and fans will not have to travel anywhere.

Lithuania, Montenegro, Mexico and Egypt will compete in Group D.

In the second round, the teams of group D will fight against the teams of group C – USA, Greece, Jordan, New Zealand.

After taking the 1st-2nd places in the group, the battle for the 1st-16th places and reaching the quarter-finals will await.

Taking 3-4 places would only have to fight for 17-32 places.

But in both cases, the match will be held in the same arena.

The Mall of Asia Arena is an indoor arena in Pasay City, Metro Manila.

The arena has 15,000 seats for sporting events and can hold up to 20,000 people in total.

The arena was officially opened in 2012. May 21 It has retractable seats and a 2,000-space parking building.

The construction of the Mall of Asia arena began in 2010 and cost about 3.6 billion. Philippine pesos (€58 million at current exchange rates).

The first public event held at the indoor arena was Lady Gaga’s two-night Born This Way Ball, which began in 2012. May 21

The Mall of Asia arena was designed by architectural firm Arquitectonica. The facility was primarily used for concerts and basketball games, but can be converted to host other sports and entertainment events.

Due to the high water level, construction of the basement parking lot was restricted and a separate eight-story parking building, the Mall of Asia Arena Annex (MAAX), was required.

The facade of the building is covered with low insulated glass units. The event space building was designed in the shape of an eye, supported by an inclined plinth.

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