The most impressive Christmas shop in the world reopens in Barcelona

This year there will be no Grinch to steal Christmas from us. Not even one in the shape of a virus. And it is that with a name as emblematic as unpronounceable, Kä’s Christmasthe welfare returns for the second year to number 15 of Banys Nous. The emblem of Christmas decoration par excellence, which was born in 1964 in Bavaria, returns to Barcelona to invade it with its vast, and this is literally, Christmas spirit. And it is that after its openings in Belgium, France, Germany, the United States (and thus up to 16 stores), the Christmas decoration firm raises the blind of its particular Christmas story again for the joy of all lovers of this time of year .

A fantasy factory

Wilhelm and Kä’s commitmentthe welfare, the founding couple of the brand, for wanting to give the same music box with the Christmas carol Silent Night to a family of American friends who were fascinated by the adornment, it became almost impossible mission as the Christmas season was almost over. And although the story has a happy ending, since they finally found it in a wholesale store where they could buy it, the couple had to buy ten units. One was given to their friends, but for the sale of the other nine Wilhelm and Käthe They went from bazaar to bazaar with their boxes, where they realized that everyone was fascinated by the boxes. The spirit of Christmas was transformed into a business idea, to create beautiful decorations for this time of year. And so was the beginning of Käthe Wohlfahrt, a family business that is now in the third generation and that, despite its It issuccess, it has not lost an iota of its essence.

The German decoration firm owns 16 stores in various countries.

We work with glass, wood, tin … All of our products are of the highest quality, made with love down to the last detail. I don’t think that in any store in Spain you can find Christmas items like these ”, explains Montse Escribano, director of the Kä store.the welfare in Barcelona. And it is very possible that he is right, since inspired by the world of traditional toys and the diversity of nature, all these Christmas objects are born in the workshop that the firm owns in Rothenburg (Alemania), and they do it with a mix between the contemporary spiritneo and the most traditional pieces.

Goodbye Grinch and hello caganer

It is impossible to feel impassive once inside this store that more than a shop is a Christmas attraction, the mThe largest in Spain, and it has also been built entirely in a traditional way. Crossing the doors of number 15 in Banys Nous is the closest thing to immersing yourself in a Christmas story in which each chapter is written walking through streets full of magic where you can find everything: more than 6,300 articles attest to this, and a constant humming, too.

One of the typical Santa Claus.

And it is in the heart of Barcelona where this Christmas walk begins where each house represents a typical Bavarian town and sample by typologyas artdecoration itemsn made by the expert craftsmen and designers who work exclusively for the firm. Among the most desired objects, and also the best sellers, are the incense smokers, whose original prototype was created more than 20 years ago by Käthe welfare. And despite the fact that the original was a funny wooden Santa Claus that fumed (aromatic, too) from his mouth, today you can find numerous versions of the most emblematic piece of the German firm.

For those who want to opt for other traditional ornaments, the music box, which was the origin of the brand, also occupies a very special place in the store. And although the song that sounds the most is that of Silent Night, you can also find other options with different Christmas carols.

And as a heartfelt tribute to Barcelona, ​​Käthe welfare This year it has also created a series of exclusive pieces inspired by the city that are much more contemporary than incense smokers or music boxes. Among them the sayños Gaudinianos, the characteristic yellow and black taxi, the traditional caganer and even the Virgin of Montserrat, perfect to hang from the Christmas tree. And it is that, who has not wanted to have one Moreneta as a Christmas ornament?

In Barcelona, ​​to follow the tradition, they also sell caganers.

It is difficult to define, and decide, what the factor is wow from the store, or at least keep just one because everything in its 300 square meters is quite impressive, but its four-and-a-half-meter high spruce undoubtedly has many ballots to achieve it. And it is that the tree is for many the true emblem of Christmas, something that they do not forget either in Käthe welfaret, where you can find countless objects to hang from its branches, some of them with finishes as unique as gingerbread or covered in frost, as I characterize sticsnutcrackers.

The brand sells more than 6,000 Christmas decoration objects.

Quality, originality and craftsmanship in a place like we have never seen before and that we can enjoy again in the center of Barcelona, ​​carrer dels Banys Nous 15, and in an open shop Monday to Friday, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and Saturdaysbaths from 10:00 to 20:00. The firm has 16 stores spread across Germany, France, BIt isLogic, United Kingdom and United States, in addition to having its own online store and being present in different Christmas marketsthe.

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