The most in Europe! Italy sees 229 cases of COVID-19, PM accepts defective local hospitals

Situation of the spread of the COVID-19 virus In Italy, as of February 25, there were at least 229 confirmed cases, most of whom were infected in several regions in the north of the country.

Lombardy 172, Veneto 33, Piedmont 3, Emilia-Romagna 18 and Lazio (Rome) 3.

in the Lombardy region The city of Milan is the center of the north. Local governments have suspended public spaces in 11 cities, affecting at least 50,000 people.

Italy’s health ministry has screened more than 4,100 people and medical staff, with further infections expected.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti said: Flawed laxity in virus outbreak response measures at local hospitals As a result, the virus continues to spread in Italy.

This is another point of rift between the Italian government. with the local government of Lombardy, the lega nord party, the former coalition which announced separation from the government last year

Italy’s Prime Minister Conti said in an interview. The government of Rome may consider using special powers. Interfere with the Lombardy local government’s outbreak control operations. But it’s still unclear in what form it will take.

Outbreak of the COVID-19 virus throughout northern Italy It is very dangerous for the Italian economy this year. During the period before the outbreak was found Many expect Italy’s GDP to grow less than 1-1.5 this year. especially in the northern area which is the center of industry, the stock market and the country’s main tourist attraction Assessments of Italy’s economy, which has become the EU’s third largest economy after Brexit, are difficult to predict.

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While the EU’s Schengen visa-free measures It may even make Italy’s epidemic situation spread across Europe as well.

In addition to the virus issue affecting the Italian economy. Political issues in the EU are also fragile as the virus. because of British Brexit will result in the remaining EU member states must be shared to share the burden of the budget that Britain used to pay to the EU which such matter Many countries both agree and oppose it.

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