The most profitable: "Green Day". Sberbank will celebrate its 177th anniversary with discounts


Sberbank will meet its 177th anniversary under the motto "Green Day – the most profitable day of the year!" And it will offer its customers lower prices and greater availability of banking and non-bank products.

"Green Day" in the bank

The promotion starts on November 11th and will last until November 12th for retail sales and until November 17th for corporate clients.

At this time, every 177 loan applications submitted through the DomKlik service from 00-00 November 11 to November 23-59 receive a discount of 1.7% on the interest rate. In addition, for all applications submitted on November 12 through all channels, a discount of 0.5% on the interest rate.

We will also offer a deposit with an annual rate of 7.5%, online consumer loans of 11.77% per annum, an order for a business card with a 17.7% reimbursement and a promotional deposit for legal entities with a rate of 17.7% higher than the current public interest rates.

Furthermore, on 12 November, from 00:00 to 23:59, payments from natural persons to legal entities carried out in the mobile application will be made without commissions.

"We decided that this day should be beneficial for both our individual customers and our corporate customers, and for the residents of the country who for some reason are not yet our customers." We want this day to be the most profitable day of the year. 39; year ", commented on the action First vice chairman of the board of directors of Sberbank Lev Khasis.

He also said that the action will take place not only in large cities, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, but across the country.

The discounts will be provided by the companies of the Sberbank ecosystem.

For example, the "Beru!" Market He prepared a special sale for the holidays. You can buy goods with discounts up to 30% and all prices end at 77.

DocDoc will provide access to the telemedicine service on special terms: 1.77 rubles for the first month. In honor of "Green Day", customers will be able to obtain an unlimited amount of online consultations with doctors.

SberMobile will offer a special rate at which subscribers can spend 15 GB and 300 minutes of calls to Russia every month. The monthly subscription during the year will be 177 rubles a month. The Evotor company will offer a number of terminals at a price 2 times lower than the normal cost. The special price will be valid for 177 terminals.

Under special conditions, it will be possible to buy leased cars: 177 KAMAZ or MAZ trucks at 7.7% of the cost of the reduced sale price and 177 LADA or KIA cars with a reduced leasing rate of 1.77 pp.

A "Business Environment" will provide a 120-second educational course for entrepreneurs at a reduced cost of 1,770 rubles. instead of 4900 rubles.

Vice-president, director of digital business development at Sberbank Mark Zavadsky he said: "The companies of our ecosystem could not stand aside and at the same time offer special conditions for both individuals and legal entities.For individuals, this is first and foremost our" Prendo! "market, To be held with bestsellers, our mobile operator SberMobile will present a single fee, which can be subscribed on this day for 177 rubles / month, and this subscription fee will continue throughout the year. our project in the field of e-health: the DocDoc company, which will present the product "Telemedicine" at a single price of 1.77 rubles per month. "

Promotion throughout Russia

Large shopping centers have also declared their tenants ready to offer product discounts from 7% to 17% depending on the value of their purchases.

More than 400 partners across Russia will take part in the Green Day event: cinemas, online stores, entertainment centers, car dealers, pharmacies and restaurants. Companies that offer medical, travel, cellular services and federal retailers of electronic products, food and clothing will also participate.

The special offers in these days will be valid for the members of the program "Grazie da Sberbank". By making any purchase with a Visa or Mastercard in pharmacies and service stations, you will be able to receive 1.77% of the "THANK YOU" bonuses in addition to the charges from the bank. In case of payment by Visa or Mastercard in bars and restaurants, participants will also receive a 17.7% "THANK YOU" bonus. Participants will receive the same percentage when they pay for public transport. Additional bonuses will be credited to new customers.

During the operation, the Sberbank branches will operate in a special mode. On November 11, more than 2,100 additional VSPs will be opened and, on November 12, over 9,500 branches will open, where customers will be able to open a Green Day deposit.



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