The most prominent seduction star and the most beautiful artist in Egypt was married by a rich Saudi prince because of her charming beauty.. He threw millions of dollars under her feet to be satisfied with him and she tried to commit suicide for a shocking reason.

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A movie star, distinguished by her charming beauty and wit, which made her the subject of the attention and admiration of critics, producers and directors, and she achieved great success in all her cinematic and dramatic works.

She is the Egyptian artist, Naglaa Fathi, whose real name is “Fatima Al-Zahra”, and she was born on December 21, 1951, in the city of Fayoum, which coincided with the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday, which made her parents call her “Fatima Al-Zahra”.

And the artist, Naglaa Fathi, discovered her countryman, producer Adly, while she was on a beach in Alexandria, and assigned her a role in the movie “The Three Friends” in 1966.

When Abdel Halim Hafez learned about this film, he insisted on adopting and supporting it, despite her family’s refusal to work in the field of art.

Nightingale mediation
Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez had a family relationship with Naglaa Fathi’s brothers, and thus he was able to convince them to enter the field of acting, and insisted on changing her name from Fatima Al-Zahra to “Najla Fathi” to become the heroine of her first artwork in the movie “Afrah” directed by Ahmed Badrakhan in 1968.

Najla Fathi later stood in front of the brown nightingale in a radio series entitled “Please don’t understand me quickly” for several episodes, but the October War of 1973 prevented the completion of the work.

And before Abdel Halim Hafez traveled, on his last trip to London for treatment, he met Naglaa Fathi and told her: “Tight your tricks, so when I come back, we will start shooting the new movie.” He had two projects in front of him: “No” and “Bullet in the Heart.” .

Andaleeb Al-Asmar died on March 30, 1977, without completing his projects. Thus, he did not meet technically, with Najla Fathi, except on several radio episodes of “Please don’t understand me quickly.”
The crises of Naglaa Fathi

The beautiful artist, Naglaa Fathi, went through many crises in her life, despite the great success she achieved at the professional level, among them: that a person called Uncle Ramadan works as a farmer in her villa. in Fayoum City.

His curiosity prompted him to open the mobile to find out what was inside, thinking that it might be clothes or toys, and the surprise that stunned Ramadan’s uncle and made him shocked by what he saw inside the mobile, he found the body of a girl in her thirties, dead and suffocated with her tongue outside her mouth and her eyes protruding, so he left His land, shouting: “Oh Jadaan dead.”

After that, Jamila, the Egyptian screen, went through a psychological crisis because of the ghost that had become chasing her in her villa, and other crises, but the most difficult of which was the crisis of her daughter’s injury with a hole in the heart, which prompted her to attempt suicide, but her mother saved her.

Two knots in her childhood
Naglaa Fathi said in a rare interview with her, that she suffered from two complications in her childhood, the first is that “her voice is a monster,” explaining that when she was young, “her mother always called her to enter the salon room.”

To shake hands with the guests, so she cries and does not enter until after great urging, because she knew that she would hear this unquoted sentence then, “This girl is so sweet, but her voice is a monster”, so she did not speak for long.

As for the second knot, it is her legs. Her mother’s legs were very beautiful, however, she was suffering from very thin legs, and they used to tell her: “Eat while you are standing because your legs are smoking”, as a joke.

number of her marriages
Najla was married 4 times in her life, the first time was in 1969 when she was not more than 18 years old, from engineer Ahmed Abdel Quddus, son of writer and novelist Ihsan Abdul Quddus, and the marriage was secret for fear of rejection by the parents, and soon the relationship collapsed, and the separation occurred after one year.

The second marriage was from Saif Abul-Naga, brother of the artist Khaled Abul-Naga, and “Saif” appeared in the movie “Empire of M”, and he was the eldest son of “Faten Hamama”, and she gave birth to their daughter Yasmine, and then they separated due to some differences.

As for her third marriage, it was with a Saudi prince, and she was moving with her between living in Cairo and Paris, and she disappeared from artistic attention and the media, for three years, and when she separated from him, she returned to Egypt, and continued her artistic career.

The fourth marriage, was from the journalist writer Hamdi Qandil, when she met him in a press interview, and fell in love with him, and Qandil said that she was the one who proposed to him, and asked him to come to her house and contract the marriage.

He asked her if she had any fears that her request would be rejected, and she said that she had thought about it, and if it had been refused, she would not have grieved, because her time was not worthy of her trust, and therefore the marriage would not be suitable.

The eighties ended with her role in the movie “Dreams of Hind and Camelia” with director Muhammad Khan, in front of the great Ahmed Zaki, in which she departed from the quality of her previous roles to present the role of the crushed popular woman.


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