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What are the most searched wines on the web? Those that whet the curiosity and palate of virtual enthusiasts. Simply eager to broaden their knowledge, or to find the right bottle (often of a certain value and cost) in virtual wine shops, thanks to a specialized site.Wine searcher, a search engine dedicated to lovers of the genre, processes every day more than a million searches on its platform where the entries of about 400 thousand labels scroll. The portal also publishes a ranking with 100 bottles (not only wines but also spirits) the more you search. A good, albeit partial, way to photograph users’ trends and tastes. To dominate the last ranking, relative to the last month, are French wines (the first is ChampagneDom Perignon brut), but Italy is also present with 9 labels (six from Tuscany and one from Piedmont). One of these, the famous Sassicaia of Tenuta San Guido it is even sixth, but it is the only Italian wine in the top ten. Here, in the next pages, which are the bottles of our country included in the ranking. Valuable labels, to be uncorked for special occasions.

Wine, rankings and advice

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