The Most Unique Planet! Oval Shaped, Is There a ‘Hell’ Planet?

VARIETY – The oval-shaped planet has been detected by the ESA space telescope, CHEOPS. As summarized by TechRadar (12/1) via Fin, this oval-shaped planet has a shape unlike any other planet.

This unique oval-shaped planet is named WASP-103b, the oval shape of this planet is almost the same as a rugby ball.

According to experts, the shape of WASP-103b itself, is caused by the gravitational attraction of the sun, which is surrounded by the planet. As a result, the planet undergoes a change in shape, from round to oval.

This unique oval-shaped planet was first discovered with such a shape detected by the ESA satellite orbiting the constellation Hercules.

According to ESA, WASP-103b is twice the size of the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter.

Rotating the sun, which is twice the size of our sun, at a fairly high speed, is thought to be the reason for the planet’s deformation.

The Most Unique Planets and Are There ‘Hell’ Planets?

Unlike the unique oval planet mentioned above. For the next, the experts found a new planet. Named TOI-1431b, this planet is not like any other planet.

According to astrophysicist Brett Addison, the temperature of the alien planet is equivalent to the heat of a rocket engine.

Not only like the flames generated by a rocket, the “hell” planet, as reported by Cnet, has a super massive size.

If Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, then the planet TOI-1431b is said to have a size three times larger than that. The reason why the planet ‘hell’ is felt so hot, is because it is located too close to the sun which has the solar system.

Because it is too close, then TOI-1431b only takes two and a half days, to make one rotation (orbit) on its sun.

The discovery was reported by scientists from the University of Southern Queensland’s Center for Astrophysics, which is in Toowoomba, Australia. (Jni)

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