The mother of the child found dead with his father in Navarra appreciates the expressions of support and affection: "Thank you very much from the heart"

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Last Tuesday, November 7, the death of a seven-year-old minor along with his father shocked the Navarrese town of Estella. Since then, the neighbors have dedicated themselves to supporting a mother devastated by the loss and the circumstances in which her death occurred. The little boy’s funeral was held a day later in the Church of San Juan Bautista de Estella amid applause and tears, remembering Mateo’s happy and open character.

His mother, Eguzkiñe Adrián Mundín, wanted to thank him for this support in a letter published in the Diario de Navarra: “Thank you for all the signs of support and affection received by the residents of Estella-Lizarra and Iguzquiza and other towns in the Estella area, especially the City Council of Estella-Lizarra, City Hall and Council of Iguzquiza, Municipal Police of Estella, Provincial Police, National Police, Civil Guard, Navarra Firefighters, Health Personnel, San Agustín Mortuary, Lizarra Ikastola, Arenas de Futbol Club of Ayegui, Ardantze de Ayegui Paddle School”, he writes, with an emotional reference to all those “volunteers and friends” who participated in the search work: “Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. “Eskerrik asko.”

The Lizarra ikastola also organized an intimate farewell event for the boy’s classmates, whose mother reported his disappearance when I found out on Tuesday when I went to pick him up at the center that he had not attended class.

He had spent the weekend with his father, from whom the mother was separated, so the complaint activated a search device on Monday afternoon that finally concluded on Tuesday morning, when the bodies of father and mother were found. son at the bottom of a ravine with a drop of more than 200 meters.

The autopsy carried out on the bodies of the father and son who died in the Urbasa mountains would point to their death due to the blows of the fall, with fewer injuries to the child because he could have been hugged by the parent.

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