The mother responds after being checked for having named her children "Jackdaniel" and "TiaMarie"


12 July 2019, 07:45

Mom says she didn't call her two older ones after the alcoholic beverage brands

Mom says she didn't call her two older ones after the alcoholic beverage brands.


Sarah Mennell insisted that her two older sons do not take the name of alcoholic brands, and the other three also have bizarre (non-alcoholic) names.

A mother-of-five responded after the cruel trolls made fun of her choice of children's names.

Sarah Mennell, 35, has been criticized for naming the two biggest alcohol brands, but insists that Jackdaniel, 12 and Tiamarie, 11, are named after real people.

He said: "Most people who comment seem to have problems but have thick skin.

"Negative comments don't bother us, don't worry about people.

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Published by Sarah Jane Mennell over it Sunday 2 December 2018

"Tiamarie and Jackdaniel are used to any negativity in their names, after all anyone who knows us and knows the names of the boys".

Sarah, also a mother in Sydney, 10, Princess, six and Albert, four, have come to the attention of the public after appearing in the local newspaper Daily Mail hull explaining why she is happy to pay 250 pounds for school uniforms – despite a local campaign to make school clothes "poverty-proof".

🏡 A crazy day #togetherwemakeafamily phones have been non-stop all day 🤣 who would have thought that the names would stand out more than a history of uniforms

Published by Sarah Jane Mennell over it Thursday 11 July 2019

But rather than praising the mother for investing in the future of her progeny, people have chosen to calm her by their unusual names.

A troll wrote: "Their dad Johnny Walker works long hours and also promotes two sons, Stella and Glen Fiddich, a lovely family".

Others accused her of "seeking attention" and "cruelty to children".

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#jackdaniel #tiamarie 🏡 This is the Mennell after having a meeting and sitting with the children.

We have decided to …

Published by Sarah Jane Mennell over it Thursday 11 July 2019

The funniest jokes included: "I hope their expensive PE kits are not torn on the Gym Beam", and "Tiamarie and Jackdaniel" I hope they are elegant enough to go into warp … I can imagine they are very good on the ice ".

Another commentator wrote: "I'm still not sure of the authenticity of their names. It's just a 40% proof."

Sarah insists that her son is named after a "Canadian runner" and his daughter after a "maid they met in Spain".

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