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Directed by Jun Li, starring Zhu Yilong, Huang Zhizhong, Chen Shu, and Jiao Junyan, the annual disaster production “Peak Burst” will be screened nationwide on September 17, and pre-sales are in progress. Previously, the film had met with the first audiences and received continuous praise. The dual ticketing platform also received high scores of 9.5 and 9.4. “Life is paramount” and “retrograde ordinary heroes” aroused strong resonance, and “father and son reconciliation” and “two generations of infrastructural people” Countless netizens moved. On September 16, the ultimate preview of “Peak Burst” was exposed. As the sky collapsed, the infrastructure workers took up their responsibilities and fought to protect lives. They were not afraid of danger and bravely retrograde. They showed the fearless spirit of willingness to make dedication. A moving epic of rescue, creating a myth that belongs to the Chinese.

The movie

Infrastructure builders sacrifice the tunnel to hold up the boat of life. Chinese people only believe in the myths they create

The final preview begins with a thrilling landslide scene. The sudden loosening of the mountain and the rolling rocks slid to the county seat. 160,000 people urgently need to be evacuated. The crisis is approaching, and the tension is about to emerge. At the moment of the moment, countless retrogrades came from all directions, all of them united in the rescue of life and death. As an infrastructure builder, Hong Yizhou (Zhu Yilong) also stepped forward to join the rescue and fought side by side with his father Hong Yunbing (Huang Zhizhong), who was a railway soldier, to untie his knot. However, in order to save more lives, Hong Yizhou chose to commit the danger alone. What kind of life and death test will the love between him and his girlfriend Lu Xiaojin (Jiao Junyan) face? Can the people in the county seat escape? Affects the hearts of many viewers.

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The movie

The movie

As rescue forces from all walks of life rushed to the front lines, the tunnels proposed by the infrastructure builders to blow up the tunnels they built for ten years became the “best plan” to hold up the boat of life. In the face of disasters, life is paramount. Project manager Ding Yajun (Chen Shu), on behalf of all infrastructure workers, issued a powerful declaration: “If the tunnel is destroyed, we will dig it through. If the bridge is broken, we will erect it again. Get up, it’s a big deal for another ten years.” Faced with the lives of 160,000 people in the county, ordinary infrastructure workers did not hesitate to choose to protect the lives and property of the people at all costs. This is the belief of all retrograde heroes and the power of Chinese rescue.

Dianying has won high scores and praised by many sources. Zhu Yilong and Huang Zhizhong interpret the spirit of railway soldiers

“In the face of disasters, the Western legend is Noah’s Ark, and the story of our ancestors is that the Jingwei reclaimed the sea and the foolish man moved the mountains.” This sentence, as the finishing touch to the ultimate prediction, deeply highlights the spirit of mortal heroes to face difficulties. Through a disaster rescue, the film gathers rescue forces from infrastructure workers, firefighters, and pilots to the front line, and outlines a picture of a group of ordinary heroes coming forward. On September 11, the film opened in 29 cities in advance. “The bravery and dedication of ordinary people” connected reality to convey the touch, and was recognized by the first batch of audiences. Among them, the score of Maoyan was up to 9.5, and the score of Taopin was 9.4. Both platforms achieved high scores. Some viewers said that “the film is not only visually shocking, but also focuses on portraying every ordinary person in the rescue post.” “They are ordinary workers in the years of peace and heroes who have come forward in times of crisis.” “Only Chinese talents In the face of disasters, we will stick to the principle of people first and life first. The shocking Chinese catastrophe film must be screened twice.” It burned and cried, detonating the entire network.

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The movie

In addition to the touching dedication of ordinary people, the film shows the spiritual heritage of two generations of infrastructural people and also poke the tears of many audiences. Hong Yizhou, played by Zhu Yilong, is the director of the blasting research office. He followed the engineering team to build tunnels in the mountains. Like his father Hong Yunbing, who had worked as a railway soldier, he overcame difficulties and digs tunnels between the rugged and steep mountains. The spirit of the railway soldiers who build bridges is deeply embedded in the bones of the father and son. On the other hand, Hong Yunbing took the initiative to participate in rescue when disasters occur, and has always practiced the principle of “protecting the people forever” as a soldier. When Hong Yizhou was in a crisis, he made the same choice as his father-putting his life and death aside, just to save more people. The fearless dedication spirit of the two generations of infrastructural people is fully reflected in the film. As the lead actor Zhu Yilong said, “This kind of dedication will be passed on from generation to generation, so that our society can continue to live.”

The movie

The film “Peak Boom” was produced and distributed under the lead of China Film Co., Ltd., with Li Jun as the director, Zhao Xiaoshi as the director system and director of photography, Sha Song and Li Jun as the screenwriters, and Zhang Ji as the script consultant. The film is starring Zhu Yilong, Huang Zhizhong, Chen Shu and Jiao Junyan and will be released on September 17.

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