The mower has gone away. New business “rent a goat to graze”.

The clearest picture of balancing during business And saving energy to protect the environment of this world is a business. “Rent a goat” that are making more money Against the rising cost of fuel What is a goat rental business? How much money can you make? So what does it have to do with protecting the environment? Bangkok online businessLet’s explore this lovely business along the way.

  • What do you do when renting a goat?

In the circle of cattle, a group of goat herders would be figuratively saying, “goat” is the municipality collecting garbage It means that goats are omnivorous, omnivorous animals.goat rental business” Very popular in California, USA, guaranteed to make more than 19 million baht per year and is expanding the business trend to other regions. including Japan

Rent a goat to do what? The answer is to rent a goat to graze the grass. For both medium and large fields, instead of noisy lawn mowers. at the same price or not very different

Rent A Goat A well-known goat rental business in the US says there are many advantages to renting goats: 1. Reduces the noise of the mower 2. Saves energy. The cost of fuel and staff will depend on the number of goats and the nature of the area being serviced, with 450 goats handling about an acre of pasture per day.

on the Asian side Magoroku Farm, Saga Prefecture, Japan also offers goat rental services. In which customers rent goats to eat weeds and grass in difficult to mow areas such as hills or slopes.

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  • Businesses that want to be friends with the environment

The needs of the lawnmower business have been with humans for a long time. Articles in WallStreet Journal Provide information that the current housewife Or people are looking for more environmentally-less weeding services. to avoid using chemicals or even a noisy lawnmower

A study in Brazil, China, France, Germany and the United States found that for the same price The quality is the same. Nearly 80% of people will choose products that are environmentally friendly” (Tetra Pak’s Environmental Research, 2008-2011).

Like the 2011 Arthur D. Little survey, 84% of Italian consumers Ready to spend more money on green products.

Green has become a “selling point” and business-driven strategy of many brands and is making beautiful “money-making” in this field. And the grazing goat rental business came just in time and it became one of the businesses to watch.


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