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In the face of falling temperatures, the Red Cross is mobilizing throughout Catalonia to prevent the effects of cold on the health of the most vulnerable groups. Its actions are coordinated with the municipal councils, the Generalitat of Catalonia and the various emergency services.

The Red Cross teams participate in cold operations, which trace the streets to locate the homeless and offer them if they voluntarily want to go to qualified hostels for this purpose, as well as distributing blankets or hot drinks. This device was activated in Girona, Sabadell and Tarragona, in this last municipality in the Igloo operation activated by the City Council. In Molins de Rei and Cornellà the first aid service for the cold wave was activated.

Accommodation for the homeless

For the first time, Tarragona has activated the Igloo operation, the homeless assistance device. For the first time this winter, a team integrated by the Guàrdia Urbana, social services, the Red Cross and the Civil Protection has traveled around the city looking for people who sleep at ATMs or on public roads. The twelve people who were found were offered in a hostel, but they were all rejected. However, blankets and hot food were delivered to make it a pleasant evening. One of them, Francisco Moreno, was very grateful: "Nobody cares about me and help is a privilege," he told ACN.

The city council of Lleida, for its part, has expanded the emergency facilities for the homeless due to the low temperatures recorded this week. The Paeria has enabled three spaces to accommodate people in urgency: the Jericho shelter, the Zero Space and the Panera.

In Barcelona, ​​the preventive phase of Fred's operation is active from 13 December, with 75 places to spend the night at the Barcelona Emergency and Emergency Center. In Gerona the so-called Progetto Freddo was also activated, due to the lowering of temperatures.

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