The Murcia nightclub that caught fire was already evacuated in 2009 when some cables that crossed the façade burned

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The fire of the La Fonda nightclub in Murciain which eleven people have died so far, is not the only one that this leisure area of Watchtowers. Already in 2009 the theater discoadjacent to La Fonda, due to a fire caused by some cables that crossed its façade.

Specifically, the events occurred on June 21, 2009, when the fire of those cables forced the evacuation of the preventive establishment, at that time occupied by about 50 people.

The event occurred around 12:25 a.m., when an electrical problem triggered a fire in the cables that run through the façade of the leisure room, so the manager of the premises alerted the room 092 saying that the roof was on fire.

They came to the place Firefighters from the Infante Park with four vehicles, a first exit, a middle exit, a ladder and a headquarters car, whose troops managed to quickly and easily extinguish the small fire.

The flames caused no injuries, although smoke leaked into the nightclub and the Local police He proceeded to evacuate the customers who were inside and block the street.

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