The murder of Giménez Abad leaves the list of unsolved attacks: 30 years in prison for ‘Ata’

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The murder of the president of the PP of Aragon Manuel Giménez Abad has been removed from the list of more than 300 fatal ETA attacks with no known perpetrator. The National Court has sentenced ETA to 30 years in prison Mikel Kabikoitz CarreraSarob, ‘Ata’as the “material author” of the attack that took place on May 6, 2001, when the politician was on his way to a soccer match in La Romareda (Zaragoza) with one of his children

The other accused of this attack, Miren Ixaso Zaldúa, has been acquitted, something that could be taken for granted since in July, when the deliberation began, the court ordered her release. In a private opinion, the judge José Ricardo de Prada consider that also Ata he should have been acquitted.

The other two magistrates consider that there is “absolutely convincing” evidence to convict Carrera Sarobe. For example, the identification made by the son who accompanied Giménez Abad. Also the autopsy report, the expert reports on the pods and ballistics, the claim of the attack by ETA and the statements of several protected witnesses.

“They are different stories that are fully harmonized and their value lies in the fact that they are all harmonious, coincident in identification, but based on very personal stories that deny any risk or contagion, among other things because these witnesses do not know each other,” the magistrates say Francisco Vieira (president) and Maria Riera (west).

“These testimonies, together with the testimony of Borja Giménez Larraz about the photographic recognition and the lineup recognition of the accused and the intelligence report 17/2015, constitute the evidence that proves the authorship of Mikel Kabikoitz Carrera Sarobe,” they add.

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