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In this twenty-third episode of the Mysteries of Love season 25, a fatal revelation will be made to Sylvain and Cathy having new suspicions about José.

Previously in The Mysteries of Love season 25, Eric and Fanny announced their (false) marriage to Eva and Christian, Nicolas had to go to a doctor associated with Tania for a sperm donation when in Love Island, a man in the shadows seemed to be watching Hélène, Yacine and the children.
Fanny and Christian: Fanny wakes up with a start after a nightmare in which Eva and Christian taunt her, laughing. She then joins Alex and Olga and announces to him that she has made an appointment to initiate the divorce proceedings. After learning from Alex that her parents were traveling, the Estonian is suspicious after Sylvain told her to go to his family. The young man is in fact gone to Manon to possibly learn more about the sect. Manon reveals to him the real implication of Eva and the false sterility of Christian. But when leaving the premises, Sylvain sees a man pointing a gun at him, followed by Sam. Olga, for her part, succeeds in geolocating her companion’s phone through an application and begins to join him. Quick, because Sigmund visibly plans to get rid of Sylvain and Manon, for the time being reunited in a white room.

Hélène and Nicolas: Nicolas thinks he will accede to Tania’s request on his terms. She calls him and asks him to go the next day to a given address. By joining him while he was discussing with José, Lou learns from Nicolas that Tania has kidnapped Clémence. Nicky’s companion offers to call the nurse’s kidnapper in the hope of changing her mind, before her companion’s refusal makes her abandon the project. Love Island, where Hélène learns that Dylan and Nicolas have asked for his news, it is again incomprehension: Kévin and Eliana have disappeared again, and according to a comrade, they would have left with a man.
the country house: Cathy is furious after having surprised José with a perfume of a woman who is obviously not hers. Laly comes to the rescue and asserts that the keyboardist was with her for a spiritualism session. The same Laly who is going to lie to Nicolas on the pretext that everything will work out on her side when she saw him alongside Tania and a baby.

Victor and Aurélie: Aurélie wakes up to discover that Victor is taking pictures of his uncovered foot. But while consulting the phone of the young man, takes the fly by falling on a man’s foot which will turn out to be that of Jimmy.
Fanny and Christian, continued: Eva manages to convince Christian not to go to the recording studio, thus allowing Sigmund’s henchmen to kidnap Eric Favat. Guillaume arrives at this moment but does not appear more taken aback to see two individuals leaving the studio with a trunk. Later, Sophie and Fanny arrive on the scene, and if they do not mention the trunk, the information then provided by Guillaume to the young women will make them fear a sad fate for the producer.
The next never-before-seen episode of Mysteries of Love season 25, “Planned disappearances”, will air Sunday around 7:50 p.m. on TMC.

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