How are the tests organized?

Contrary to what happens in neighboring countries, Doha concentrated tests among the people most susceptible to contagion, that is, migrant workers and residents returning from abroad.

According to medical sources, 25% of the tests showed a positive result at the time of greater circulation of the pandemic.

“Thanks to our location and tracking program and our ‘Ehteraz’ application, we are able to expand the demand for infected people (…) in addition to organizing random tests,” said Khal.

Luxembourg is the country in the world that performs the largest number of COVID-19 tests, with 755 for every 1,000 inhabitants, while Qatar, with 203 exams for every 1,000 inhabitants, is the ninth.

Why is the number of deaths so low?

Qatar, a very wealthy country with large reserves of gas, has invested heavily in the health system. The population of very young migrant workers also favored one of the lowest numbers of deaths in the world, according to experts.

Only 194 people died in the country, due to COVID-19, according to official data verified by AFP through several independent sources.

“The reason is that the country probably has one of the best health systems. They are well equipped and well prepared,” Abdinasir Abubakar, from the regional department of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Eastern Mediterranean, told AFP.

A second wave?

Qatar recorded almost 300 new cases a day last week, a far lower number than the 2,355 positives detected on May 30, but which reinforces the fear of a possible second epidemic wave.

The authorities “lifted some restrictions, so we can expect a certain resurgence” of the virus, recognizes Abubakar.

The use of masks is mandatory in both open and closed spaces, but the $ 2,700 fine received by former Spanish football player Xavi Hernández, who is a club coach in the country, is an example of the difficulty in applying the measures.

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