The mystery of the girl Maleah: confession of the alleged murderer and finding remains in a bag


The police told him that he was not a suspect. But now he seems to have confessed the murder of his four-year-old step-daughter, Maleah Davis.

The girl's body was not found, but the police consider her dead and found remains in a bag where the girl was sought in Hope (Arkansas).

Maleah disappeared Friday, May 3 in Houston, Texas, according to the story that his stepfather, Darion Vence, 26, told police.

According to the man, that day he was driving at the airport with the girl and his two-year-old son, to go and fetch Maleah's mother, with whom he had maintained a romantic relationship.

It was then that he heard an explosion.

Thinking he had punctured a tire, he stopped his car outside highway 69. At that moment, a blue Chevy truck with three Latino men stopped by his vehicle. One of them made a comment saying "Maleah looks very nice, he looks very sweet". Then another shot Vence in the head.

The man assures that he has lost consciousness; he recovered for a moment and saw that he was in the back of the truck, next to the two minors, he also fainted, but then vanished again.

He says he doesn't remember anything until six on a Saturday afternoon, when he was abandoned near Highway 6, just outside Houston, with his son. Maleah, however, had disappeared.

The man said he had wandered along the highway for four hours in search of help, but no one helped him. Eventually he arrived at a hospital, where he reported the child's disappearance. The other minor is safe and sound.

"I am aware that there are many gaps in this story, but I trust that citizens will work together to fill them," the police said.

Little by little, however, the gaps were filled, especially after the car in which the family was traveling at the airport, and the three allegedly stolen Latinos were found on Thursday in a parking lot outside of Houston. .

Dogs trained to track down the smell of corpses have found evidence in that vehicle. A security camera also captured the way in which, on the Friday the girl disappeared, her stepfather left her home with a big garbage bag in a laundry basket, and returned three minutes later without her; then he was seen going away again, this time with cleaning materials, including bleach

Other security records showed that it was the car in which Vence arrived at the hospital after the accident. In addition, investigators found the girl's blood in the apartment where the family lived.

On Saturday, his stepfather was arrested outside of Houston accused of hiding evidence and jailed on bail of a million dollars.

The authorities began looking for the remains of the child in Hope (Arkansas) after his stepfather confessed to a community activist where he would be disposed of, according to Click 2 Houston.

This activist, identified as Quanell X, said: "He said he stopped in Arkansas, got out of the car, walked on the side of the road and threw the body."





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