The NACON MG-X Pro Designed for Xbox Controller was introduced

<meta itemprop="headline" content="Der NACON MG-X Pro Designed for Xbox controller was presented”/>

NACON today announces the release of the MG-X Pro on the European market. You can read what the compact controller can do here!

About the NACON MG-X Pro

Like him MG-X this Pro model is also part of the Designed For Xboxseries specially designed for smartphones and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Thanks to its ergonomics, which are comparable to those of traditional controllers, the MG-X Pro for an all-round comfortable gaming experience on Android smartphones. Just like its smaller brother, the new device allows the use of classic Xbox console-level controls for any Android smartphone, thanks to its adjustable width and wireless Bluetooth connection.

With just a few simple steps MG-X Pro attached, holds the smartphone securely and, thanks to its ergonomic handles, immediately conveys the feeling of a traditional controller. From asymmetrical analog sticks to bumpers, triggers and action buttons to Xbox buttons, the MG-X Pro everything – for on the go as well as for at home. With Bluetooth 4.2, up to twenty hours of battery life (chargeable via USB-C) and universal compatibility with devices up to 6.7 inches (15.24 cm) screen diagonal, the controller is ready for anything. The NACON MG-X Pro is now available at the recommended retail price of EUR 99.90 (to the website) available in the stores.

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