The name of Christmas or Márki-Zay will be removed from the ballot paper with a felt-tip pen if one of them withdraws

We have gathered all the information that is currently known about the second round of pre-selection. We will show you what the candidates have been able to agree on so far.

The second round of the opposition pre-election will start this weekend, where it will be decided who will be the opposition prime ministerial candidate in the 2022 election, ie Viktor Orban challenger. Based on the results of last week’s first round, three people made it to this round:

  • Dobrev Klára: 34.76 percent,
  • Gergely Christmas: 27.31 percent, and
  • Péter Márki-Zay: 20.02 percent.

According to party representatives, in preparing for the pre-election, everyone focused on the successful conduct of the first round, so a lot of details need to be clarified now, at the last minute, after it turned out that none of the candidates won an absolute majority in the first round. The date of the new round was not agreed at last meeting of the National Electoral Commission (OEVB) last Friday. The final word on the date was only given over the weekend by the presidents of the parties involved.

Accordingly, voting will begin on Sunday morning, October 10, and end on Saturday evening, October 16.

Sunday, October 17, was pinched off the voting period to make it easier to count the votes. This was suggested by the Count Together Movement because, in their experience, it is much easier to recruit volunteers for weekends than for working days.

Gergő Hajdú, the campaign director of aHang, a non-governmental organization that carries out the technical selection of the pre-selection, told that 700,000 ballot papers will be prepared based on the previous participation numbers. Ballot papers were already printed on Monday due to short time and high technical requirements. The consequence of this, in turn, will be that the printed ballot papers will have the names of all three candidates on it.

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Farkas Norbert /

If in the next few days a decision is made whether Gergely Karácsony or Péter Márki-Zay will resign in favor of the other, the name of the resigning person will have to be removed from all ballot papers with a felt-tip pen.

The second round will be significantly different from the first in that it will no longer be necessary to decide on the identity of the candidates running for each seat in the National Assembly. Therefore, in the second round, the entire territory of the country will be considered a constituency.

In practical terms, this means that next week’s vote will remove the obligation for everyone to vote only in their own constituency.

A resident of the capital can even vote in Szeged, because the online system, as it did in the first round, immediately eliminates the possibility of double voting by reading and recording the barcode of the address card or by registering online.

One of the most important security features of voting is the QR code on ballot papers. In the first round, however, it was the code that resulted in an unusually large number of invalid votes because operators in many places did not know that every card had to be authenticated by scanning the code. Hajdú said that a new handbook is now being issued to operators, and before the start of the election, they are also trying to draw the attention of volunteers through the parties to the importance of the code in order to avoid similar cases.

As a general rule, the OEVB stated that in the second round, efforts should be made to set up polling stations, ie tents, where they were located in the first round.

– this László Sebián-Petrovszki he told According to the DK party director, this will be the case except for a few justified cases. In the first round, there were about 800 tents, but in Széll Kálmán Square, for example, where three constituencies met, the three separate tents have now become redundant, the point being to be able to provide capacity. The decision on the polling stations must be made at Tuesday’s OEVB meeting, because the polling stations must be reported to the police 72 hours before the start of voting.

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The parties have not yet agreed on the conduct of online voting either. The IT system set up for voting would be able to send a voting link from the 122,000 online voters to the 102,000 who provided their email address in the first round without registration. Whether this happens can be decided within a week.

László Sebián-Petrovszki also talked about the fact that according to the current plans, after the end of the second round, the votes collected from the whole country will be counted in a single center in Budapest. According to the party director, this is a huge logistical challenge, but probably the fastest solution, as more than half of the one million votes cast during the first round were counted by the Budapest center.

There will be only one debate among the prime ministerial candidates.

This will be broadcast by RTL Klub on Wednesday 13 October in the middle of the voting period. The venue for the live broadcast will be the studio we met in the first round, the debate this time as well Balázs Rábai moderated.

Klára Dobrev will start her second round campaign on Tuesday and start touring again. According to the party director, settlements that have not been traditional DK venues so far will be continuously included in the 2-3 stations per day, but the results of the first round showed that there are voters for the party or the prime ministerial candidate himself.

On Monday, we also contacted the staff of Gergely Karácsony and Péter Márki-Zay to find out how they plan the campaign period. But due to the ongoing cooperation and withdrawal negotiations, we did not receive any information from them. However, at a press conference in Hódmezővásárhely on Monday afternoon, the two mayors announced: they would start together in the second round, but it has not yet been decided who will step back in favor of the other. However, given the situation, I would like their names to appear side by side on the second ballot paper.

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