The NASA probe will detonate Jupiter and transform it into the second Sun as early as 2021


The planet is a clone of the Sun and in 3-4 billion years it will become a star. But in the United States they decided to accelerate this process by detonating a bomb on Jupiter and launching a thermonuclear reaction. The appearance of the second Sun will make the planets closer to habitable and colonized by NASA.

The Yunona spaceship will be in Jupiter's orbit until 2021. With its help, NASA is studying the atmosphere and structure of the largest planet in the solar system. At the end of his life, the NASA probe will be introduced into the atmosphere of Jupiter, where it will self-destruct. Therefore, the agency can transform it into the second Sun for 2 years.

The idea that NASA is about to launch a series of chemical reactions on Jupiter and transform the planet into the Sun appeared in 1991. So researcher William Cooper said that the Galileo probe crashes specifically on Jupiter in order to create in the our planetary system is another star similar to the Sun.

According to experts, in this way NASA will make the satellites of Jupiter and the closest planets suitable for human life.

However, Galileo did not cause any explosion on Jupiter, so the experts decided that the Cassini space probe carrying the mission around Saturn would carry the bomb on its board. It was believed that the device would have caused a major explosion on 15 September 2017, but this did not happen. Thus, conspiracy theorists decided that NASA would transform Jupiter into the second Sun with the help of Juno, and all previous attempts could have been simply unsuccessful.

Experts note that in July 2021 NASA will bring the "Juno" probe into the atmosphere of Jupiter. On the thematic resources, they assume that the agency will try to blow up the planet and this time to create another Sun.

In fact, Jupiter, like the Sun, is made up of hydrogen and helium. It is believed that the Sun was a double star, and is the largest planet that can be a small young star. Jupiter is a twin who is at the stage of formation. It already emits an enormous amount of heat and expands, and any thermonuclear reaction will lead to the fact that Jupiter is burning like the Sun.

It will happen in 3-4 billion years, but if one intervenes in this process, then Jupiter can become the Sun right now. Experts are confident that this is what NASA wants. The benefits are simple: to colonize the planets without the life of the system. Be that as it may, there were no official statements on this yet, although the explosion of Jupiter has been discussed for a long time.



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