The National Assembly of Venezuela denounced that the Maduro regime blocked its website

Juan Guaido, president of the National Assembly, speaks before Congress in Caracas, Venezuela.

The National Assembly of Venezuela has denounced this Saturday that Nicolás Maduro’s regime blocked the website of the opposition-controlled institution.

This cyber attack would join the one suffered by other web pages and digital media that also blame the Venezuelan dictatorship for carrying out this type of actions such as ‘Cocuyo effect’ Y ‘What’s going on in Venezuela’, has picked up the local media ‘The National’.

Said media dates the beginning of the alleged cyber attacks a week ago.

“The Maduro regime fears those who really work for Venezuela by blocking the website of the legitimate National Assembly,” Parliament said on Twitter.

Other blocked web pages are La Patilla, Maduradas and La Gran Aldea.

For a week, different digital media have suffered HTTP blocks and censorship by the Nicolás Maduro regime

“In the last 24 hours there have been blockades of informational portals in Venezuela such as What is happening in Venezuela and La Gran Aldea with attacks on their website. Cocuyo effect is blocked by HTTP again. This occurs 57 days before the elections called for December 6 “, denounced the journalist from Cocuyo effect and collaborator of IPYS Venezuela Ronny Rodríguez Roas.

The Maduro regime plans to hold parliamentary elections on December 6, despite requests for postponement by the European Union in order to “hold elections with full guarantees” and the rejection of the American countries that They form part of the so-called “Grupo de Lima”.

On the other hand, Voluntad Popular (VP), the party of the Venezuelan opposition Leopoldo López, denounced this Saturday the arrest of Yovanny Salazar, one of the leaders of that political formation, until now the authorities have not ruled on it.

Yovanny Salazar former mayor for the Popular Will party

Yovanny Salazar former mayor for the Popular Will party

VP reported through his account on the social network Twitter that Salazar, a former mayor of the central Guárico state, was arrested when he was at his son’s house by officials of the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas), belonging to the Force Bolivarian National Navy (FANB).

“He was kidnapped by Conas henchmen. We alert the international community and hold (Venezuelan President) Nicolás Maduro responsible for his physical integrity ”, noted VP.

The training ensured that the uniformed the former mayor was forcibly taken away and he denounced that they are trying to incriminate him “by using their children whom they were holding and demanding that they hand over their phones.

“The regime’s siege against our organization continues. They have kidnapped us, tortured us, subjected us to cruel treatment, they have assassinated our activists and leaders, and even so we remain firm in the fight for the freedom of Venezuela. “added the party after ensuring that Salazar “has not committed any crime.”


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The Popular Will party denounced the arrest of one of its leaders by the Maduro regime in Venezuela

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