The National Court benches the CDRs who will benefit from the amnesty for terrorism

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The National Court has confirmed the conclusion of the summary in which the most radical branch of the CDR is investigated and has agreed to open an oral trial against 12 people who were prosecuted for the crimes of membership in a terrorist organization and possession, storage and manufacture of substances. or flammable explosive devices of a terrorist nature.

The magistrates of the Third Criminal Section confirm the decision of the investigating judge of the so-called operation judas carried out in September 2019 against a group of people whom the magistrate linked to the so-called Tactical Response Team (ERT). It was a cell made up of individuals from different CDRs “with great radicalism and who intended, through violence, to achieve the independence of Catalonia.”

Several of the defendants appealed to the Criminal Chamber against the decision to conclude the summary and requested that the case be archived or that new proceedings be carried out, in addition to access to more information about the beginning of the investigation.

Regarding the proceedings, the Chamber considers them unnecessary in some cases and, in others, it indicates they may agree at trial. For example, new interrogations of civil guards responsible for the operation judas.

The order rejects the file request made by three of the defendants who alleged a lack of evidence of the commission of a crime of belonging to a terrorist organization.

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