The National Court frees ‘the seafood ETA member’ from the trial for which Belgium handed him over after decades on the run

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The ETA Nativity Jáureguihanded over by Belgium to be tried for a murder in 1981, has been released when the National Court deemed that the facts are statute-barred.

Peponaalso known as the seafood ETA for the images she shared on the networks of her meals in Ghent, was handed over in November 2020 by the Belgian authorities for her alleged involvement in the murder in Bilbao of Lieutenant Colonel Ramón Romeo Rotaeche in Bilbao. .

Belgium had resisted executing Spain’s euro order, something it only agreed to do after the Strasbourg Human Rights Court sentenced it to compensate the victim’s family for having rejected the euro order alleging that their rights could be violated in Spain. The European court considered that this claim had no basis. After the sentence against Belgium, the Court reactivated the euro order, which this time was executed.

Once in Spain, the defense of the ETA member alleged the statute of limitations of the facts both to the investigating judge and to the court that rejected the magistrate’s decisions. The judge did not agree with the prescription and the court considered that, since the prescription was not something obvious, it was other magistrates, those responsible for holding the trial, who should resolve that point later, in a hearing for articles of prior pronouncement.

The hearing to elucidate this point was held two weeks ago before the Second Criminal Section. The prosecutor Carlos Bautista She maintained that there was no statute of limitations, since the 20-year period that the law then established – and which must be applied as it was the most favorable – was interrupted when members of the command, after being arrested, identified her as a member of the command and a participant in the attack. as material author.

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